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Dedicated in the design, development and manufacturing of various materials of metal appearance such as SGCC, SECC, SPCC, SPTE, SUS, AL and so on.

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2017/09/04 19:10

Aojie Hardware (Fujian) Co., Ltd. is located in the famous hometown of overseas Chinese in Shishi City, Fujian Province Shishi Mastery Hardware Co., Ltd., founded in 1988, the Group Chairman Mr. Shi Bixi leadership and the joint efforts of all staff to the Austrian (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., Kunjie Odyssey Vacuum Technology Co., Ltd., the Austrian Hardware (Fujian) Co., Ltd., the Austrian Hardware Co., Ltd., the United States and the United States and the United States, Jiangsu) Co., Ltd. and other five subordinate companies. Group is now the factory area of ​​95,000 square meters, the company registered capital of more than 3700 million US dollars, more than 6,700 employees, fixed assets of 2.3 billion At present, the company is mainly engaged in the development of aluminum alloy products and stainless steel products, design, stamping, anode, screen printing, etching, electrophoresis coating, vacuum plating and other integrated processing and production, a wide range of business, with multi-functional business to undertake capacity. Customers are OLYMPUS, NIKON, SONY, SANYO, SAMSUNG, South Korea LG, BenQ, Panasonic, Skyworth, TCL, Lenovo, TPV, SHARP, Xiamen new, Xiamen Overseas Chinese and so on. Group in order to achieve the vision of China's hardware appearance industry leader in 2005, the Group in Jiangsu Kunshan once again huge investment to expand the scale of the introduction of advanced machinery and equipment, excellent management personnel to accelerate its pace towards the international market to the Chinese industry leader The advantages of internationalization, from manufacturing to technological development of the leap. Aojie people, will continue to improve product quality, improve technical services, better meet user needs for China's metal processing industry to make greater contributions to the development. Aojie Hardware (Fujian) Co., Ltd. mainly to die casting (magnesium alloy, aluminum alloy, zinc alloy) and the main shaft, the company advanced equipment, strong technology, quality assurance, management excellence. Die casting surface treatment processes are mainly dressing, grinding, sandblasting, film processing, paint, electroplating, drawing, spray oil, to meet the various needs of customers. The main types of shaft products to TV, LCD, wall pendant, car, DVD and other mobile communications and household appliances based. Die casting products mainly to LCD bracket accessories series, TV bracket accessories series, the refrigerator handle series, power tools series, mobile phone series, and other series of products based. Company "integrity and win-win" for the purpose of cooperation with our customers and create brilliant! The