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Hardware plating chrome and galvanized specific differences

company news
2017/09/06 11:44

  For the contact with the electroplating plating needs of the friends, our products are galvanized or need to chrome is not very understanding, often misty galvanized products require to do chrome, the base often encountered friends asked us Ningbo electroplating manufacturers on their ABS plastic plating surface galvanized processing. Obviously, they are too clear about the difference between galvanizing and chrome.

So what is the difference between galvanizing and chrome finishing?

1, the appearance of different colors:

Galvanized plating surface is a bit green and white, shiny but not very bright, after passivation treatment, you can make blue and white zinc, colorful zinc, black zinc, military green and other colors

Chrome-plated surfaces are bright white bluish colors, other chrome colors are black chrome

2, chrome and galvanized chrome different function:

Galvanized only in the plating surface coated with a layer of a few microns to ten microns of zinc metal, it is an iron base for the anode coating, with a certain degree of electrochemical protection, galvanized pieces have a good anti-rust.

Chrome plating is decorated with chrome and hard chrome, chrome is the surface of the electroplating plating a few microns or more than ten microns a single chromium metal layer, with excellent wear resistance, decorative chromium first to the product plating Copper or nickel plating and then a layer of chromium layer is very Pu, it has a beautiful and protective features, it is mainly for those who have a higher decorative requirements for processing products used.

3, chrome and galvanized the cost of different

The cost of galvanizing is low and the cost of chrome is higher. The cost of chrome plating is higher than that of galvanizing, from the aspects of the materials used in the electroplating process and the maintenance of the electroplating process and the maintenance of the electroplating process.