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An Analysis of the Market Defects in China 's Hardware Fittings Industry

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2017/09/06 11:46

With the improvement of people's economic level, the demand for furniture has also gradually shifted from the most original function to the experience of exquisite life experience, and these experiences directly from the furniture hardware accessories, so in the next period of time, furniture Hardware accessories will become the furniture of the overall quality of the most critical factors. And relying on e-commerce, furniture and hardware industry to obtain a new effective marketing model to meet the needs of a large number of young people's furniture.

The two years of new domestic e-commerce model, home moved to the online direct sales after a good feedback. In recent years, the development of Internet, mobile payment and cloud computing, future consumer use of resources will be more concise and convenient. E-commerce represents the use of modern technology to maximize the use of limited resources, the maximum to meet the needs of consumers.

Domestic furniture hardware accessories business development status quo

Furniture hardware industry is the case of bottlenecks encountered in the current market hardware, the variety is very rich. The world's best professional hardware manufacturers will be in their own product design up and down enough time, well-known foreign manufacturers continue to develop new products, furniture hardware accessories to the structural design has brought a new look.

In the product tends to homogenization today, the strength of the manufacturers with advanced technology for the product design of a more humane features, more fashionable appearance, so that the changes with the furniture style closely linked. According to the survey, for those small furniture enterprises, the use of foreign hardware is their rapid increase in product quality and visibility of the important way.

Foreign hardware in the domestic furniture products have such a position, and its own advantages are inseparable. It is reported that more than 90% of the high-end furniture are optional foreign hardware. Foreign hardware has become the main symbol of high-grade furniture. Some large domestic furniture enterprises, although already have a certain reputation, but in order to adapt to the field of high-end furniture, fierce competition in the market, but also have a lot of foreign hardware, to further expand the market share of products.

Design level, manufacturing technology still needs to be improved

The domestic market, there are hundreds of furniture hardware brands, but which really have a certain reputation in the market of small enterprises, especially the domestic hardware products can enter the ranks of high-end products even less. The vast number of hardware companies should be aware that China's furniture hardware accessories design level, manufacturing technology and management level is still relatively backward, compared with the industrial developed countries are still immature.

China's furniture hardware accessories industry design era has quietly come. At the same time, the design is increasingly becoming a bottleneck restricting the development of Chinese furniture hardware accessories industry. Hardware enterprises must improve the furniture hardware accessories through the design of high-tech products and production level, with advanced management to accelerate the development of China's furniture hardware accessories industry to a new level.

In a particular environment, due to a particular technology or brand ahead of the same industry in other enterprises, will inevitably lead the development of the entire enterprise. For example, hardware, branded, no brand, in short, cohabitation, once a hardware lock business has an advanced patented technology, then it will be repeated reproduction, which is a major cause of the industry malpractice, enterprises need to try to remove The