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World bathroom hardware market "four pillars"

company news
2017/09/06 11:47

And some of the emerging foreign bathroom hardware market is full of opportunities for development.

South American market representatives: Brazil

South America's geographical area over two Europe, rich in resources, but the processing industry is not developed, especially the mechanical and electrical products industry. It is reported that in Europe and the United States market downturn in the situation, the South American market is full of opportunities to take the initiative to open up the South American market is China's bathroom hardware enterprises in overseas development and development of important roads, of which Brazil is the largest piece of cake in South America.

The development of the bathroom hardware industry is closely related to the development of real estate and the construction of infrastructure, and Brazil has two powerful developments in this area:

The first is Brazil's economic acceleration program. Brazil's urbanized population now accounts for 81 per cent of the total population. However, the infrastructure of many cities is still lagging behind, and in its ongoing economic acceleration program, it has built housing specifically for low- and middle-income people Year, the relevant investment has reached 429 recall, a large number of new houses built and the establishment of public facilities to bathroom hardware products brought a lot of demand.

Second, this year's World Cup and the 2016 Olympic Games these two world feast will be held in Brazil, so Brazil's procurement needs in the next few years will be greatly improved. Which in 2014 the World Cup involves 12 cities in 12 cities in the new and alteration of the hotel investment is 1 billion US dollars, only about a city will create 30 new hotels, new 30,000 rooms. The 2016 Olympic Games, the Brazilian state government has invested more than 600 billion for the new stadium and the construction of the Olympic Village. Which for China's bathroom hardware business is two important expansion of export opportunities.

If the Chinese bathroom hardware business in Brazil can be a good development, then you can also around the Argentina, Peru and other countries spread, great opportunities.

Middle East Market Representative: UAE

Relative to the United States and Europe and other countries and regions, the Middle East trade barriers less, but also a mature market. The Middle East is now experiencing three major changes that have a positive impact on China's trade with the region: Iraqi reconstruction, free trade diffusion and economic development. These changes not only benefit the evolving economies of the Middle East countries, but also bring new business opportunities to Chinese enterprises. Many local brands are growing, the need for a mind, a strong supplier with them to compete, compete for more international market share, which has a certain reputation of Chinese enterprises, is more than just selling products More precious opportunity.

Which the United Arab Emirates is experiencing the real estate industry unprecedented prosperity, high-level residential, the hotel's construction to bring high-level bathroom hardware products strong demand. According to the UAE government plan, the United Arab Emirates will continue for many years out of 14% of annual oil sales to invest, including the construction of 500 more than 3 international hotel, 200,000 villas, 60 mosques, the purpose is to the United Arab Emirates Dubai , Abu Dhabi, Sharjah and other three cities into the Middle East region of the international tourist city. UAE's annual growth rate of construction will reach more than 25%. The next 10 years, the UAE will invest at least 100 billion US dollars to build, which makes the bathroom hardware market prospects in the UAE is also very broad.

In addition, according to China's customs statistics, in 2003 China and the United Arab Emirates bilateral trade volume reached 5.85 billion US dollars, up 49.1%, of which China's exports to the UAE amounted to 5.04 billion US dollars, an increase of 46%. The UAE has become China in the Middle East A large export trade, is expected in 2004 bilateral trade volume will also rise sharply. This good situation can be China's bathroom hardware business exports play a strong role in promoting.

Southeast Asian market representatives: Vietnam

In Asia, has been the most economically developed place, one is the Middle East, the other is Southeast Asia. However, Southeast Asia due to geographical location and the development time, the extent of factors such as restrictions, making it does not have a good production of ceramic sanitary hardware conditions, the number of bathroom hardware business is not much. This is for the neighboring China, is the mouth of China's health Wei a piece of fat.

In the Southeast Asian countries, Vietnam in recent years to develop the economy and for foreign enterprises to provide a very good condition, so many foreign companies are willing to invest here, contributed to the rapid economic prosperity of Vietnam. According to Xiao Bian understand that only in the nineties when the pace of economic development in Vietnam has more than eight percent, which shows the strength of its economic development characteristics.

In the process of rapid development of the economy, the development of Vietnam's construction industry is also very rapid, bringing a lot of bathroom hardware products demand. China's bathroom hardware companies if you choose to develop the Vietnamese market, not only can have a good prospect, but also can enjoy some of the local policy incentives.

African market

Africa is not a place where many people are filled with poverty and war, in fact, most parts of Africa are stable. As a population of 900 million people, 56 countries and regions of Africa, the resources are very rich but the industry is very backward, for relatively low prices of Chinese sanitary hardware business, here is the best place. Where the demand for consumer goods is very strong, the market is very broad, and China's products in Africa is also quite popular.