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Zinc alloy faucet is about to exit the market

company news
2017/09/06 11:49

November 5, Jiangsu Province Quality Supervision Bureau released "2014 water nozzle product quality monitoring quality analysis report" to guide consumers to choose the correct water nozzle (commonly known as "faucet").

Jiangsu Province, the main products on the market to copper alloy and nozzle mainly. Zinc alloy made of raw materials because of the short life expectancy, poor stability, will be December 1 after this year was asked to withdraw from the market. Jiangsu Provincial Quality Supervision Bureau official said, the current market there is indeed a zinc alloy faucet posing as copper alloy nozzle phenomenon.

Today released the analysis report shows that the risk of 53 batches of claims that copper alloy nozzle products, through the identification of materials, of which nine batches of products with zinc alloy material posing as copper alloy material. In the new national standard GB 18145-2014 in the clear provisions of the case, some manufacturers in order to pursue lower costs, extensive use of the price of copper material is only 1/3 of zinc alloy material, this product is easy to fish in the market, ordinary consumers Can not be from the feel, weight, appearance to distinguish. In the network sales, consumers can not directly contact the case of the product will become more severe, so experts recommend that the enterprise material material express.

Experts say zinc alloys are not suitable for use as a base material for direct contact with water. The quality of the faucets made from this material is poor and poor performance in coating corrosion resistance, contaminant precipitation and durability, Health and safety caused a greater risk. Europe and the United States developed the main faucet are made of brass, the most important reason is the antibacterial properties of copper.

So, how to effectively distinguish between real-time zinc alloy faucet? Experts recommend the following ways to distinguish:

First of all, according to the different product cavity to distinguish. Copper is generally cast, the product of the inner wall of the leveling is not very good; and zinc alloy is injected out of the mill, the wall will be a lot of smooth, and the wall has a clear line.

Under conditional conditions, you can look at the color of the sample in a conspicuous place, the color of the zinc alloy is partial white, and the copper alloy is too yellow, which is also a point of distinction.

Online shopping situation, consumers can not intuitively observe the product status, so be particularly careful to choose a reputable and secure, there are 7 days unconditional return business to buy, and retain the purchase of vouchers, easy to maintain their own legitimate rights and interests in the event of problems.

In addition, the price of the product is also concerned about the consumer side, the risk of monitoring the product price from 100 to 1,800 yuan, the price range and product quality problem rate statistical analysis and found that 31 batches of problem products are almost all concentrated in 300 yuan the following interval.

It is understood that the current one ton of pure copper to 68,000 yuan or more, so according to industry standards, a nozzle about 500g copper, a Shuishui copper cost of almost 34 yuan, plus other components, labor, processing fees, freight , Agency fees, utilities, etc., a normal copper faucet, direct manufacturing costs will not be less than 100 yuan. In other words, consumers from the market to buy thirty or forty dollars of the nozzle is likely to use poor materials produced, consumers need to be careful when choosing to buy.